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Referee Development Courses
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Become a VNZ qualified referee.

Volleyball New Zealand recently reorganised the structure for qualifying referees regionally and nationally.
New categories Regional A, Regional AA and National A roughly correspond to the former qualifications of National C, National B and National A. In addition to these, the new category National AA is included for those considering making the jump into International level officiating.
Where Do You Start?
You start by completing the registration form, paying the appropriate fee and attending an approved course run by experienced referees in your region.  Initially a brief seminar type workshop, you will be assessed on the following:
  1. Knowledge of the Laws of Volleyball (Test)
  2. Completing a theoretical scoresheet (Test)
  3. Practical performance as a First Referee
  4. Practical performance as a Second Referee
  5. Practical performance as a scorer in a match.

Obviously, not all of this is done at the first course that you attend!  Over time, you have the chance to be assessed and graded.

Once you're on your way, take every opportunity to officiate at matches and improve your skill level.

For this region, please contact Nathan Samu, or phone 0276974334

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Updated Monday 13 March 2006